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[Oct. 23rd, 2009|09:21 am]
Hey all, some of you may have seen the post in my wife's journal yesterday but I'm going to appeal to you as well.

I'm growing a moustache for the month of Movember (formerly called November). This is designed to raise awareness for mens health issues and the money raised goes to the LIVESTRONG foundation and the Prostate Cancer Foundation. It's important as these two issues rarely get the attention they deserve.

I'm appealing to you all to donate (tax deductible) to this cause here at my MoSpace.

Anyone who donates will get access to a screened friends group of mine where I will be posting pictures of my manly stashe as it grows. Those of you who follow me that I haven't friended yet, I will (sorry my bad, I'm terrible at internets and social networking). It'll be good for a laugh and I'm planning on doing several moustache themed dress-up pictures that you can probably use to blackmail me later (donating more means you get to suggest what manly poses/costumes I put on). Those of you in the San Diego area or able to get to the San Diego area I'll incentivize with a bottle of my MoBroBrew (being started this weekend) if you donate $10 or more (additional bottles will be given for additional donations after the fact). We also have plans to make MoBeerBread that we will be distributing to those who donate.

You can find out more on the main page: http://us.movember.com.

Together we can change the face of men's health.